Safety Line Lanyard
Safety Line Lanyard

Safety Line Lanyard

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The Safety Line is a short style lanyard, but not too short so it still can dangle out of your pocket for easy grabbing. But you can also tuck it into your pocket without it becoming too bulky.

The Safety Line includes a stainless steel wire keyring that opens up with a little barrel screw.

Pro tip: Use some locktite on the little barrel screw if you don’t want it to ever rattle loose on you!

Detour Studio is Bas
Bas is Detour Studio

The Studio

Detour is a small one man business that focuses on making handmade bags for cycling fueled adventures. All bags are carefully designed and handmade by myself and vigorously tested by the Destruction Crew.

Confession: I love bikes

It probably needs no explaining that I absolutely love bikes, bags, bike gear and riding bikes. I like pretty much all adventures on a bike as long as it involves an adventurous element!