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I won't be taking in any custom orders for the foreseeable future. Doing this creates some much-needed time to focus on making Glove Boxes, Foldable Tool Chests, new products and (some much needed) time to go out for rides myself.

Don't worry if you're already in the custom cue. Your bag(s) will be made!

Detour Studio Custom bags

Are you looking for a custom made bikepacking bag like a full framebag, half framebag or a porteur bag? Awesome! I’m excited to help you to create a super nice and tailor made bag. Built to your specs and your style so it’ll last you many upcoming adventures.

First we sit down and talk about what you’re looking for. This can be done face-to-face, but a video call is also a great possibility. We talk things like your bike, fabric options/colors, pockets, special wishes and so on. During this talk we'll mix my experience with your wishes to dream up the perfect bag for your upcoming adventures.

Perfect fit

After our chat we need a template of the frame to ensure a glove-like fit between the bag and the bike. I’ll make one for you if you’re at the Studio, but you can also make one at home and send it by mail. Another option is to send me a set of purpose made high quality photo’s so I can make one digitally.

Are you looking to get a bag made or are you left with questions? Let's get in touch!

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Take a look at some of the bags I've made in the past or head over to Instagram for more. But remember, anything goes!

Bram's custom Porteur Bag

Bram was looking for a bag to fit his Soma Demi Porteur rack. The bag features one big main compartiment to hold things like a stove, food and clothing or camping gear for an overnighter. Bram is an avid bird lover, so he wanted the side pockets to fit his binoculars. Of course he only carries one, so the other side pocket can hold all the snacks and other easy grab items. The front pocket is perfect for a bird spotting guide.

The bag is made with a super durable bottom panel, waxed canvas, cordura side pockets and YKK aquaguard zippers. I love how it turned out!

Check out Bram's adventures on Instagram!

Detour Studio Custom Porteur bag

I use my bike for both multi day bikepacking/day packing and hauling groceries. Since I’ve got the bag it hasn’t left my bike and probably will stay on there forever. The bag won’t drift on the rack and because of the stiffeners in the sidepanels it will keep it's shape even if nothing is in there. The bag is sturdy with an exquisite eye for detail and functionality. I really love the side pockets that fit my binoculars! Because of this pocket I can easily grab them and watch wildlife up close.


Quinda and Joergen's framebags

When Joergen and Quinda contacted me for a custom framebag to use on the 2020 Atlas Mountain Race I was both super stoked and a little frightened because this would become the biggest test of any of my bags ever. I’m very happy to tell you that both Joergen and Quinda made it to the finish line in one piece (but very tired) and the bags held up great!

The main priority for the bag was to carry a large hydration bladder, so I figured out a way to suspend the bladder in the bag and added a port to feed the drinking tube out of the bag. This very port was also used to feed the cable coming from the dynamo hub into the bag to charge their devices and keep it away from the desert dust as much as possible. The space that was left was used to carry other items.

Both bags are made with hard wearing Cordura fabric, bombproof threads and are made to bolt onto the downtube and seat tube for clean looks. Joergen opted for a rolltop bag for durability and stuffing potential. Quinda opted for a zipper because of its ease of use.

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The custom framebag Bas made for me was way better than I ever expected. Every detail and function I was looking for has been crafted into the bag perfectly. During a race like the Atlas Mountain Race small details can make a big difference and this bag has delivered on that part for sure.


Pricing and lead times

Currently I'm only taking custom orders for the three bags below to keep thing simple and the quality high. Pricing will vary according to your wishes, so take the listed prices below as a 'ball park' figure. A more feature packed bag will probably cost a bit more while a 'simple' bag ends up costing less.

Lead times usually are between 2 to 6 weeks after the template is made. Contact me with the form below to find out the current lead times to turn your bag into reality!

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