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Take a detour!

This is how Detour Studio came to life. Head over to the blog to read the full story.

The Detour Destruction Crew

The DDC is a group of bicycle- and outdoor nerds putting new goods trough it’s paces.
Detour Studio Bas Overbeek haymaker tassenmaker in Arnhem

Who is Bas?

All products are handmade by me in Arnhem, The Netherlands

Stay curious. Keep exploring!

Detour Studio is all about curiousity and exploration. Adventure is free, so you sure don’t need bags to go out and explore, but they do make it a lot easier to carry some extra gear and expand the possibilities of your adventures by quite a bit.

All bags are tailor made to aid you on your daypacking adventures, an overnighter or a multi-day/week bikepacking or gravelpacking adventure. The bags are handmade in Arnhem and are thoroughly tested by the Detour Destruction Crew in the largest natural reserve of The Netherlands: ‘De Hoge Veluwe’.

Detour Studio Custom Porteur bag

Custom Bags

A standard bag never fits as nicely as it should and rarely does it have all the features you’d like it to have. 

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Joergen's your man for drool-worthy custom bike builds, wheel builds and accessories!

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Visit Bas's cycling atelier for amazing bikes and stories about epic bikepacking adventures!

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