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My name is Bas and I am theface and workforce behind Detour Studio. In essence: Detour Studio is Bas, Bas is Detour Studio. With Detour I’ve been able to combine my passion for riding a bicycle and (multi day) cycling adventures with the love for making things. 

So, Detour is a small one man business that focuses on making handmade bags for adventures on a bicycle. All bags are designed and handmade in the Studio which is located in the attic of my house in Arnhem, The Netherlands. 

Some people ask me why all the bags feature an orange lining fabric. The brightness of the orange makes it so much easier to find things hiding inside your bag. But there are quite a few more bright colors out there to choose from, so why orange you ask? Because… It’s my favourite color. 

I love my bikes

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Get lost!

Just go on a big Detour! Adventure is easy. Just get lost.

It probably needs no explaining that I absolutely love bikes, bike gear and riding bikes. I love pretty much all adventures on a bike, long or short. Offroad, for me, is the best way to experience adventure, in the middle of quiet and beautiful nature while having fun times with friends and disconnecting with the rigours of everyday life.

You’ll be surprised about the weird and wonderful places you’ll find in areas you thought you knew inside-out. Not familiar with the concept of getting lost? One trick I personally like a lot is to scan the horizon and look for something that interests you somwhere in the distance. Start riding towards that point, but if you find something that piques your interest more along the way start moving in that direction; rinse and repeat. Enjoy!

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Taking Detours

I try to regularly document some of the adventures I'm on, what's new at Detour Studio and other related things that keep me busy on my blog.