Foldable Pocket - Organiser
Foldable Pocket - Organiser
Foldable Pocket - Organiser
Foldable Pocket - Organiser
Foldable Pocket - Organiser
Foldable Pocket - Organiser
Foldable Pocket - Organiser

Foldable Pocket - Organiser

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Small items get lost when left unmanaged. The Foldable Pocket is here to fix that! Turn the Foldable Pocket into a wallet, a container for small items, a medical items station for mending trailside injury or just mix and match to make your own personal small items container!

Keep all your small items bundled, secure and easily accesable in a Foldable Pocket!

You can acces the contents of the Foldable Pocket by undoing the elastic strap. After unfolding you find a flap that acts as a second layer of protection. It keeps all the small items inside secure with a strip of soft-touch hook and loop. Pull it open and acces all the precious things you've stored in there.

A Foldable Pocket is sold without any contents, but here are some ideas to get you started:
Medical: a selection of band Aids, Painkillers, Hayfever medicine, 2 safety pins, Anti-bacterial ointment, Wound cleaning solution, Tweezers, Very small knife, cash money
Small items: Derailleur hanger, Valve cores, Valve core removal tool, Tire plugs with tool, Pre glued tire patch kit, Brake pads, Tie-Wraps, Mtb Vignet, Cash money
Cafe-stop and small repairs: Cash money, Bank card(s), Derailleur hanger, brake pads, pre-glued patch kit, Mtb-vignet, Painkillers, a few band Aids.
Mix-n-match: A selection of band Aids, Painkillers, Hayfever medicine, Derailleur hanger, Valve cores and removal tool, Pre-glued patch kit, Mtb Vignet, Cash Money, Brake pads

I can't wait to see what you've selected to store in a Foldable Pocket!

A Foldable Pocket is made with high quality materials:
Black Ripstop Cordura (outer fabric)
Orange Polyester (linig fabric)
Soft-touch hook and loop (flap closure)
High quality elastic strap
Bombproof threads

Folded size: 11x10cm
Lower pockets: 10x7cm
Upper pockets: 10x9cm

*A Foldable Container is sold without any contents. All pictured contents are for demonstration purposes only.

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