For now I’ve stopped taking in custom orders.
I’ve done this to get a product range set-up and produced. I probably will pick up custom bag orders around fall 2020.


Custom bags. How does it work?

So you are looking for a custom made bikepacking bag like a full framebag, half framebag, a top tube bag or something else?

You’ve come to the right place!

First we sit down and talk about what you’re looking for. This can be done face-to-face, but a video call is also a great possibility when you’re not able to visit the Studio. We talk about things like the bike, the bag, fabric options, fabric colors, pockets, special wishes and so on.

After that we probably need a template of the frame to ensure a glove-like fit between the bag and the bike. I’ll make one if you’re at the Studio, you can make one at home and send it by mail or you can send me a set of high quality photo’s so I can make one based on that.

And then, almost by magic, the bag is born and ready to join you on all your future adventures!

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